“Spy On Me”

Tiggle Bitties has caught you spying on her through her blinds. She’s outraged. For about two seconds. Then she thinks it’s kinda kinky and she likes the idea. Now you can’t spy on her anymore because she’s extended the invitation to let you watch her practice her Jedi boob tricks. Your kind of amateur babe, our kind of girl.

SCORELAND: Tiggle, have you ever gone bra shopping with a boyfriend? Did you let him in the dressing room?

Tiggle: Absolutely and yes! I think I actually have some pictures of it somewhere! But mostly I shop online. I went to Portland and found a great shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey!’ and she just took me around the store and took bras off the shelf.

SCORELAND: We’d say ‘Oh, honey’ too. Do you have any funny habits?

Tiggle: Funny habits…hmmmm…I use a lot of ellipsis when I write…!

SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names? We think we know what it is.

Tiggle: I love shortening my name to Tig!

SCORELAND: Have you ever noticed that when you’re giving a amateur cock sucking, if the guy touches your tits, his cock gets harder?

Tiggle: Oh, yeah! Especially with boob fetishists. It’s amazing because my breasts are very soft, so even when I squish them together, you get a pretty soft experience in the middle. It’s not tight like a pink taco or an ass would be. I’m surprised when a guy touching my boobs or putting his dick in there gets harder. Or if he’s stuffing me and sucks my tits.



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