Beck Is Back To Plug

It’s been months since Anna Beck came out to play at XL Girls so we put the call out to her hoping she was still on-board to be on-camera. All hail Anna. Her previous appearance was some time ago as “The Busty Busker” playing street guitar and making a very close friend. We’re happy to say Beck is back and bustier with more to love than ever. Just compare.

Sitting with Dellon, Anna is brushing up on her English words and pronunciation. The word games they play have double meaning (giant, long, enormous) and they use hands and body language to get the message across. It’s the right kind of flirty icebreaker because Anna is laughing and enjoying her lesson.

Dellon can’t concentrate anymore. Anna’s making him too horny to think. He reaches out for her baskets of nature’s twin bounties and she accepts his roamin’ hands. When Anna stands up in front of Dellon and lowers her bra to release her huge mountains of mammary mounds, look out!!! She’s unbelievable! Where’s 3D when you need it!

Anna’s breasts dwarf Dellon’s hands not to mention his head. Motorboating Anna proves he’s a certified tit-man. He spends a lot of time with his hands on her tits and his cock between her boobs then goes for the unforgetable thrill of spreading her legs and diving into the pink.



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